The City of Collegedale has parks and greenways for the community to enjoy various recreational pursuits. Children of all ages play on the award-winning Imagination Station playground. Adults can exercise on the stationary equipment along the park perimeter and greenway adjacent to Imagination Station. Stop and rest in a swing and watch wildlife on the greenway system at Wolftever Creek. Do not miss the inspiring history and patriotism at Veterans Memorial Park, which is highlighted under a magnificent display of fireworks for the July Freedom Celebration.

Imagination Station

Children run, play, imagine, interact, and stay busy on playground equipment designed for all ages. The park, located behind City Hall, has a caboose and train platform to explore, sandbox, stationary exercise equipment, pickleball courts, a free library stand located in front of the restrooms, and a rentable pavilion.


Little Debbie Park

The City of Collegedale opened Little Debbie Park in 2023. This park features a something for every age; wide walking paths, bench swings, picnic tables, children’s zipline, climbing pieces, a music area, and lots of open greenspace to put down a blanket and soak in the outdoors. There are giant fiberglass sculptures of the sweet snacks we all know and love; perfect for taking group photos. 


Dog Park

We love our dogs! So much in fact, that the community came together to establish the Collegedale Dog Park. Our off-leash dog park provides a great place for our furry friends to run, play, and socialize with their neighbors. Come out and join other responsible dog owners. The park is located at the east end of the Wolftever Greenway by the Nature Nook. Use the following address for driving direction: 5225 Tallant Road Ooltewah, TN 37363.

dog park

Veterans Memorial Park

Collegedale celebrates and commemorates those who have served us in the armed services. Veterans Memorial Park was designed to honor and thank our veterans, while incorporating educational components that are shared with students young and old. Tour the park and view plaques, monuments, flags of all 50 states, sculptures, and military installations as you reflect on those whom have made sacrifices on our nation’s behalf. Veterans Memorial Park is located along Wolftever Creek Greenway facing Apison Pike.



The Collegedale Greenway is a linear 3-mile multimodal paved pathway that parallels much of Wolftever Creek and it’s tributaries. 

Walkers, runners, cyclists, and skaters all enjoy this scenic greenway.

Accessible from Nature Nook, Thatcher Switch, Imagination Station and The Commons.


Thatcher Switch Recreational Area

This recreational area is situated at the intersection of Tucker Road and Apison Pike. A small playground, multi-use field, Yardi mountain bike skills ramp course, and rentable event pavilion are located at this entry area onto the greenway system.


Nature Nook

Amidst a quiet grove of trees and picturesque landscaping at Tallant Road and Apison Pike. The Nature Nook has a playground, pavilion and tables just right for reading and studying. The greenway and dog park are accessible at the turnaround. Restrooms are available at the Economic Development Center beside the turnaround.