Collegedale Parks and Recreation invites you or your family, organization, or group to participate in the inaugural Collegedale Scarecrow Contest!

Use your imagination to bring your scarecrow to life using old clothes, unused household items, and natural materials. Then, bring your creation to City Hall to be displayed for the community through November 19th.

Please read the rules and regulations below. Then, sign and deliver the form to the front desk at City Hall before displaying your entry.

Participants are responsible for collecting their scarecrows between November 20th and 24th.


The construction of the Scarecrows must be durable, and all ornamentation securely attached as
they may be subjected to severe wind/rain. No perishable goods may be used in the construction of the display. City of Collegedale Parks and Recreation reserves the right to remove any Scarecrow that does
not hold up to natural elements.

  • Parks and Recreation will supply posts in the ground to secure your scarecrow.
  • Participants are responsible for supplying all other materials.
  • Absolutely NO staking or placing anything for your scarecrow display in the ground.
  • Participants should bring a method for attaching the scarecrow, such as clamps, zip-ties, wire, or rope.
  • Participants are responsible for the installation and removal their scarecrows.
  • Maximum height of 6 feet. Maximum circumference area 4 feet.
  • Participants must bring their Scarecrow fully assembled on-site.
  • Participants are responsible for clean-up around their post after posting their Scarecrow.
  • Scarecrows must be completed by 11:00 AM on November 1, 2021.
  • Neither the City of Collegedale nor Collegedale Parks and Recreation will be held responsible for any injury or damage associated with the 2021 Scarecrow Contest.